FashionSpeak and Verge Part II

FashionSpeak & Verge Part II

Fashion Surprises From a Reluctant Designer and a Would Be Attorney


We’re not sure how they accomplished this one Fashioncast® fans

But FahsionSpeak was able to recruit Jolie Altman, the prized jewelry designer from Birmingham, MI to be the 2019 Conference’s Keynote Speaker.

In this interview, Jolie explains her amazing and unintentional path into the fashion world. From designing and making jewelry for herself to a year-round business providing upscale one-of-a-kind jewelry at truck shows and special fashion events across the country.

Jolie’s central message? “Make the art for yourself.”

It seems obvious, but all too often designers find themselves creating for others instead of themselves, and lose the artistic edge in the process. Jolie’s story is full of twists and turns, some “luck” as she likes to say, and a ton of effort. No wonder she was invited to be the Keynote Speaker!

Here’s here website:

And, as if the interview with Jolie wasn’t enough

Kay of Kay Kay Fashions weaves a fashion narrative that blew the hosts away. No spoilers here, but Kay’s story from the world of politics and law to fashion is more than a head-turner.

In addition, it’s not only how Kay ended-up in fashion, but it’s also about her extraordinary success, her beautiful personality, and a loving and supportive mother.

Let the happy tears flow, two incredible stories chosen at random at a fashion conference. What are the odds?

Here’s her website: